People love Wendy’s service and of course her food. But Wendy believes they have much more to offer. For this reason, they have launched a customer satisfaction survey called TalktoWendys on their online survey portal.

The TalktoWendy Survey takes almost no time to respond to each participant, and in turn, Wendy offers a fair amount of rewards.

Check Out Eligibility Criteria Before Taking Survey

What are the eligibility criteria to participate in the TalktoWendys survey? Wendys has clearly defined the selection criteria for this survey. Check out the same below:

  • You must be a legal and recognized citizen of one of the 50 states of the United States.
  • Children are not expected or allowed to participate in this survey. This rule clearly means that she must be at least 18 years old to participate in this survey.
  • If you are an employee or family member of a Wendy employee, please avoid taking this survey.
  • You should be able to prove your citizenship when the Wendys apply for it.
  • You must have visited and used Wendy’s services at least once to complete the TalktoWendys survey questionnaire.

The TalktoWendy poll received overwhelming response and popularity from day one. This survey provides customers an opportunity to ensure that Wendy’s management team considers all concerns and opinions.


This survey enables Wendy’s managers to analyze customer expectations, needs, and wants and respond to them in the most effective way possible. This survey is very important to Wendy’s management team. Therefore, they expect all respondents to be honest in all survey responses. Remember that each of your responses during your future visits to Wendys will have a profound impact on Wendy’s services.
So if you love Wendys, don’t forget to visit the official website www.talktowendys.com and complete the TalktoWendys survey without wasting a minute. Peace!